Sunday, July 15, 2012

School Mode

I'm finally "back" in school mode (well.....almost!) and have completed another student study guide for Dinosaurs Before Dark.  I am so excited to use this with my incoming kiddos!  It's in the same format as my other study guides with questions and vocabulary included for every chapter.  Click on it below to get it from my TPT store.

Besides that, I've been busy working on lesson cycles and assessments to use in first quarter.  I have a good start so far and I'm hoping to begin the school year with everything for Q1 finalized.  I also found out that my building is ready so, I can get in two weeks earlier than expected!  I am so excited! Originally, we were only going to have 2 days to get our classrooms ready before Open House and now I have 2 1/2 weeks!  I'll be posting more once I'm in and begin to organize things.  Now I'm off to get brunch (I just love brunch) with some great friends!  Have a great Sunday!

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