Monday, July 16, 2012

Must Have Picture Books

I've never joined a linky party before but I just knew that I had to be part of the Must Have Picture Book Linky that Lindsey at the Teacher Wife put together.  What a great idea!! It's so hard to narrow it down to only five but here are the five that I just adore and MUST read every year.

The Teacher Wife

You can do so many different things with Strega Nona and I have used it to teach many different skills over the years.  My favorite thing to do however, is to make the book "interactive" by writing the words to the pasta spell on a piece of chart paper before the reading and posting it by the reading area.  When its time to say the spell in the story my students love singing the words and blowing three kisses into the "cauldron" in front of them.  I, of course, love watching them do this even more!  You can buy a copy here.

The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs is such a fun book. It's a great way to compare and contrast versions of a story or to introduce point of view.  Grab it here.

This is a wonderful and heartwarming story thats full of imagination but that also teaches about responsibility.  The pictures in it are just beautiful.  You can read more about it by clicking here.

Thundercake is perfect for a stormy day especially if you have kiddos that are scared of thunder.  In the story the grandmother helps her granddaughter face and overcome her fear of thunder.  There's also a recipe in the back for Thundercake that my students always make me photocopy for them - so they can make it at home the next time it storms out.   Pick up your copy here.

Whoever Heard of a Fird is my favorite picture book of all time.  But I just now discovered that it is out of print :(   I was hoping to buy a new copy this year because the one from my childhood is falling apart but it doesn't look like that will be happening since collectors editions are the only ones available and $100+ dollars.  Does anyone else know this book?  Anyone have connections in the publishing world to get this printed again?  It is a wonderful adventure full of magical creatures and songs.  The book contains a number of great lessons on the following topics: individuality, determination, family, friendship and acceptance.  Read more about it here and let me know if you can get this back in book stores! :)


Lindsey (The Teacher Wife) said...

I love those books! Thanks for linking up! :)

twilliams said...

Hi! Found you on the linky!
I am now a follower! Welcome to Blogging!

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The Meek Moose said...

Great idea with the pasta poem for Strega Nona! I love that book!

Rikki said...

I love the true story of the three little pigs. Such a fun twist on the story of the three little pigs. My students always get a kick out of it.
The Hive

Rebecca said...

I'm visiting through the Linky Party. Don't you just love picture books?!!? Great choices! Come by when you get a chance. I'm your newest follower.

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Eileen Griffin said...

I love Thundercake! I used to always read thi to my class during a storm and then bring in a cake the next day! I need to dig that book out! Great choices!
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Shawna said...

The only one of these books I don't have is Whoever Heard of a Fird, but I think it is one that I might love! I am now your 7th follower :) (my lucky number!)
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Susan Moran said...

I love Strega Nona! Just found your blog through the linky :)

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Heather's Heart said...

These are some great books. I am going to hunt for the last one and see if I can find it. The cover is adorable! =)

I am happy to be your newest follower. I would love for you to hop over and visit me when you get the chance. You can read about the books I use to build Our School Family. =)

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Shelly Sitz said...

My students always love the True Story of the 3 Little Pigs. I am your newest follower.


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Courtney Long said...

I love "The True Story of the Three Little Pigs!" There are just so many skills you can teach by using that book.

Make sure to stop by and enter my giveaway!

Mrs. P said...

Hey! I found you on the linky! I love all of Patricia Polacco books.. and Thunder Cake is one of my favorites! Glad to have found your blog!

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Tracy Tegeler said...

I am your newest follower! Thanks for sharing these books!
Drop by anytime :)


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