Sunday, June 24, 2012

Guided Reading

The first thing that I am going to work on this summer (after my little vacation/work ban!) will be to create a couple more study guides for my kiddos that are coming in next year who can independently read short chapter books.  Below are a couple that I created last year which my students used in the middle/end of the year.   My students just loved them and it was a great way to hold them accountable during independent reading, especially because I often cannot get to my highest groups everyday! (I have 32 students so try as I might, I never have enough time to meet with all my groups)  Our Guided Reading meetings became more of a book club but I was able to keep the discussion on track and meaningful with the use of study guides.

 Just click on the images below to check them out on TPT and be on the lookout new ones....coming soon!

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Heather's Heart said...

I'll have to remember you and your 32 kiddos the next time I am trying to get all of my groups in. And then to think of all of the running records I would have to do...OMGoodness! We have to do them weekly for any child that is below benchmark and our other kiddos every other week. We have to MSV them and turn them in. Bless you!

Heather's Heart